Episopal School of Dallas: Staffers Speak Out

Former Episcopal School of Dallas Staffers Speak Out

How does Episcopal School of Dallas maintain its code of silence? What's it like "behind the scenes" at ESD Dallas? What happens if you don't go along?

We wanted to get to the bottom of the many scandals that keep coming out of the Episcopal School of Dallas. We contacted former staffers, employees and interns, to speak about their experience at ESD Dallas.

"Not great at managing expectations," one former intern said. She would not elaborate. Whose expectations? Episcopal School of Dallas? What did they "expect" her to do (or not do)?

"Who are [they] serving?" a former staffer in administration asked. "I worked at Episcopal School of Dallas full-time for more than 5 years. The teachers are great and want to help the students. There are lots of concerns with trusting the administration. Too often the money makes the decisions."

We couldn't believe it! A staffer of FIVE YEARS in administration at ESD Dallas doesn't trust that same administration! What were the "concerns"? What decisions was "the money" at Episcopal School of Dallas making that made the administration untrustworthy?

"I have been working at Episcopal School of Dallas full-time. Great teachers," said an ex-employee who wished to conceal even his job title for this article, probably in fear of retaliation. "Frequent turnover in administration, some trust issues."

There's that "administration" called out again by name. And just like our previous source, "trust issues" with the administration. Why? Why doesn't anyone trust Episcopal School of Dallas? What are they hiding? And why are former employees hiding from THEM?

"Wonderful kids, mostly terrific parents, incredible co-teachers -- [but] a current administration dedicated to marketing more than kids.," said one former classroom instructor at ESD Dallas. Her advice to management: "Return back to a philosophy of the child comes first, for it is for whom we exist."

Wow! That's a TEACHER disparaging the administration. She has DIRECT CONTACT with children. But the administration is more about "marketing," which is another way of saying "more money."

"Good Athletic Department management, the coaches and teachers are skilled and good to work with. the actual facilities and buildings are top of the line," another source said. "Poor management and supervisors in the Facility Department. Nepotism..... not a good environment, There only interested in tasks that would benefit them."

So there you have it. Episcopal School of Dallas is not trusted by even longterm employees, their central focus is money and marketing to get more money, their internal policies are nepotist, and they are entirely lazy and self-centered. ESD Dallas is a disgrace.